For the last 20 years, my career path has been fused with enabling the Personal Development of other people; being employed in organisations from Education in the Public Sector, to SMEs, large Corporates and running my own business. Over that time, my focus on helping other people to be the best that they can be has given me a rich diversity of personal experiences. I have enjoyed a variety of extremely rewarding roles as a teacher, instructor, facilitator, trainer, mentor, expedition leader, manager, director, consultant and coach.

Through a fortunate series of significant life changing decisons, some planning and a fair degree of luck, I find myself 20 years older, considerably more self-aware and very comfortable being me. What this brings to my coaching is the ability to keep 'out of the way' and allow my clients to explore at their own pace, and in safety the issues they are trying to understand, expand on or uncover.

Neil Kimberley